Peelham's Organic Status

Committed to organic farming and food production principles, here at Peelham we readily accept the need to have  two of the most rigorous annual audits to which farming and food businesses are subject to in the UK, by our UK approved organic certification body the Soil Association; one for the farm and another for our on-farm butchery unit. 

These are to ensure that each part of our farming and food business complies with the Organic Standards.   These standards are based on European Union Regulation (EU 834/2007).  This in turn  provides you the customer with confidence that every part of our farming and food business (ie one complete food chain) complies with the highest standards of  animal welfare, soil management, environmental sustainability, environmental health, food quality and traceability.

The food processing standards are detailed in a  document of some 70 regulations covering labelling, food composition, operating standards (eg packaging, water etc), documentation and record keeping etc.   The Farming standards are similarly detailed in a document of some 36 regulations covering livestock, crops, soils, documentation and record keeping.

Please contact us if you would like to see a copy of either or both of our butchery or farm certificates.