What are we about here at Peelham Farm ?

We are a 670 ac organic, family-run farm located close to the Berwickshire Coast in the southern Scottish Borders with exquisite panoramic views of the Tweed Valley, Cheviot Hills, Lammermuirs and the North Sea.

The farm business partnership of Cayley Walton Partners has evolved and adapted to change since its original formation in 1990 between Chris and Denise Walton  and Amanda Cayley.   Angus Walton, Denise and Chris’s son joined the farm as farm manager in 2015 and became a business partner in late 2016 (Christmas Eve to be precise to the clink of delighted glasses of bubbly !).  Chris, Denise and Angus  are the Managing Partners of Finance, Food and Farming respectively. Amanda though still very active is retired (or at least that was the plan......you will never catch Amanda 'sitting-back' other than during Cheltenham Racing Week or Wimbledon) !!.  To add greatly to the 'family force' Angus’ wife Helen Walton joined us as Sales Manager in the summer of 2016 from Sales Manager with David Lloyd and a background in personal training .... keeping us all limbered-up and on our toes !

The re-invigorated partnership brings more energy into its  creative vision to farming, loving and trusting Peelham  with compassion and care for the land, its livestock, its customers and its team.  In practice there is overlap between the farm and the butchery with the partners sharing jobs and challenges and solutions and many-a-laugh (and the odd cry !!).  

In its organic on-farm butchery, smoker and charcuterie facility the Peelham Family produces all the meat from its own livestock (grass reared beef, grass reared veal (ruby veal), lamb and mutton; free range pork) for its meat cuts and joints, and to make its organic charcuterie, salamis, sausages, burgers, bacon and hams which it supplies direct to you the consumer.

In addition to the partners, the farm and its butchery sustain at any one time, a working community from the locality of  8-9 people.  Its team on the farm, in the butchery and in the office is the Partnership's most valued and respected resource - and we are so lucky to have a great and dedicated (and fun) team around us!

On the Farm:

Andrew Watson - Andrew has been with the partnership for the longest, putting up with us for nearly 20 years and assists Angus with machinery, cattle and sheep.  Andrew also undertakes many of the meat  deliveries into Edinburgh

Butchery and Charcuterie: 

Iain Methven,  Steven Clarke and Ryan Crawford are our three hard-working Craft Butchers.   Between them with Denise they manage the air-dried and cured meats and raw-production.  Iain, Ryan and Steven have recently achieved their SVQ3 in Butchery Management under the caring auspices of Scottish Meat Training. Training has also included visits to Udine in Italy with Chris and Denise to work with artisan salumieris to learn the essential craft of charcuterie production ... and of course how to relish the eating of it accompanied by carefully selected wines !

Val Watson is our Food Production Technician dealing primarily with cured salami management and despatch (the sending away variety !).

AND .... at the essential hub of it all in the office with our Helen is Judith Thompson our office administrator who manages the books and is also our Health and Safety Co-ordinator.   And we cant forget Seamus ..... though round, tubby, hairy and sometimes a little smelly .... is the general Office Morale Co-ordinator and would answer the phone if he could !  He manages  Jasper and frequent visitor Alfie - when he fancies !

Our Mission Statement

"The farming family business partnership of Cayley Walton Partners, is an integrated, organic farming and food production enterprise, selling meat from its farm and through its butchery direct to the customer.  It delivers clear provenance and promises high quality with minimal environmental impact.   It aspires to excellence in land-management, animal care, environmental stewardship and customer service.  It believes that its most valuable resource are its employees and seeks continuously to ensure an open, fair and fulfilling working relationship with each of them as the first foundation of a successful business”.

The Peelham philosophy:  ‘Sustainable self-reliance’

The Peelham motto:    Love the land, Love the animal, Love their produce’