Organic Smoked Nduja - Spreadable Salami

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Our Organic Nduja mildly smoked, not too 'hot', soft and creamy for spreading with a squeeze of lemon, giving a lift to Risotto, Pasta, Paella, simply adding to an omelette or a cheese toastie !  Made for your pleasure here at Peelham with our free range pork using our own recipe and FREE  of gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs, nuts, sulphites.  

Buy as a whole ap.280g salami or as  a 100g chunk.

Take a look at our recipe for the simplest of pasta dishes !


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Organic Ingredients for 4 people;

Peelham Nduja x 1 whole (ap 300gms)

Pasta (any) 320 gms

Passata or any plain tomato sauce (preferably free of added herbs); or mash / blend tinned tomatoes; or steam 6-8 medium tomatoes remove the skins and blend.

Olive Oil

Coarse Sea Salt

1. Boil a pan of water and add some olive oil. When boiled add the pasta with a sprinkle of salt and give a quick stir.

2. Shallow pan with some butter and olive oil. When warmed (not smoking) add the tomato sauce and reduce gently until it starts thickening.

3. Remove the casing from the Nduja and cut or break it up into small pieces. Add to the tomato sauce and stir over a low heat until the Nduja has melted down and broken-up completely.

4. Drain the pasta and add the Nduja and Tomato base stirring in gently

5. Serve with salad and crusty bread !

6. And that’s it !