Organic Pork Freezer Box

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This is fantastic value organic Peelham pork for your freezer, with a significant 10% discount for this larger purchase (on each joint if you were to purchase them individually). All of the pork in our box is made from our high-welfare free-ranging pigs, prepared here on the farm by our in house Peelham butchers.

This box contains something for every meal:

Pork Shoulder Boned & Rolled 1 x 1.5kg

Pork Leg Boned & Rolled 1 x 1.5kg

Pork Loin Medallion Steaks 4 x 100g ea

Gigot Bacon 2pks x 200g ea

Back Bacon 2pks x 200g ea (ap 6 slices)

Pork Mince 2pks x 500g ea

Pork Diced Shoulder 2pks x 500g ea

Berwickshire (cumberland style and gluten-free), sausages 4pks x 300g ea (3 chunky sausaages per pack)


Weight: 9.6000kg
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