Organic Pork Fat

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Peelhams organic pork fat  comes from our free-ranging, pasture-reared & rare-breed cross pigs (Tamworths). Render Peelhams pork fat  to make a perfect lard for baking or frying.  Or stir in herbs, spices and garlic to serve on toast !

Peelhams pork fat is sourced from the back fat which is just under the skin along the back of the pig and above the loin. Rich in Vit 'D' (the Sunshine Vit  !)

To make pork lard:

  • Dice the fat into small cubes.
  • Place in large flat-bottomed pan. Pour boiling water over the fat and to a depth of 1cm (water stops the fat from sticking and starting to burn). Place pan on a gentle heat.
  •  Once the fat has started simmering stir occasionally until the water has evaporated and than stir remaining rendering fat regularly until the cubes start turning a golden brown. Dont let the rendered fat turn brown and start to burn (which it will do very quickly), or else this will affect the flavour of our lard. 
  • Place seive in the pan to seperate the rendered fat from the cubes and scoop the oil carefully into glass jars (remember to heat the jars with hot water first to prevent glass from cracking).  
  • Once the lard has set screw lids onto the jars and refrigerate (the lard will last for two weeks). The remaining golden fat cubes can be rendered further to make them more crispy.  
  • Remove the remaining rendered fat and drain the crispy cubes on a piece of kitchen roll.  Serve sprinkled into soups or in salads.
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