Organic Mutton Leg on the bone

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Well ...honestly ... Organic Mutton on the Bone is a classic slow roast yielding fabulous flavour from the slow ageing and growing on grass.  Mutton benefits from the age of the sheep (ours are 3-5 years old), the slow growing on grass pastures and the two weeks of ageing in our farm butchery chill.

Try it for Christmas ... and you will be delightfully surprised !

Marinade the leg the day before in this Christmas marinade: 

Mix Port (2 full tumblers), with Red Currant Jelly (4 dessertspoons), a level teaspoon each of cinnamon and mace, and a tablespoon each of coriander and cumin seeds. Add 2 dessertspoons of olive oil and mix the lot.  Than pour over the mutton leg (in a bowl) and rub well in and turn the leg 4 times in the marinade. Leave in fridge between rubbing and turnining ! Roast slowly for upto 3 hours at 180deg basting regularly.

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