Organic Beef

Organic Beef

Indulge in our Pasture-for-Life Beef

Wondering where to buy pasture-for-life (grass-for-life) beef?

If you are looking for somewhere to buy pasture for life beef that is organic and sustainably farmed for your butchery, farm shop or for your own meals, choose Peelham Farm. 

Peelham's organic cattle are fed and grazed according to the Pasture-For-Life association's standards to produce beautifully, naturally fattened grass-fed beef. Pasture-fed diets are nutritionally better for animal welfare than grain-fed beef as they contain higher amounts of Omega 3. Being grass-fed also makes our free-range organic beef suitable for paleo diets, and many of our products are available in gluten-free options.

DID YOU KNOW: Meat from 100% pasture-fed organic grasslands, is proven to be significantly more nutritious than meat from main-stream systems and qualifies as a source of Omega-3 (Univ Newcastle research 2021;

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    Organic Christmas Spiced Beef
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    Organic Beef BBQ Pack (Gluten-free)
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    Organic Beef Oxtail
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    Organic Beef Chuck Roast
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    Organic Beef Fillet Steak
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    Organic Beef Sirloin Steak
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    Organic Beef Escalopes (Topside)
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    Organic Beef Olives
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    Organic Beef Rib Steak
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    Organic Beef Brisket Rolled
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    Organic Beef Silverside
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    Organic Beef Shin Rolled Joint
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    Organic Beef Rump Steak
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    Organic Beef Silverside Minute Steaks
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    Organic Beef Marrow Bones
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Why you should buy pasture-for-life Beef (beef fed grass all of their lives):

  • The beef you buy from us comes from our organic and pasture-for-life certified herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle. This makes them more environmentally friendly and sustainable than grain and soy fed livestock, therefore buying pasture-or-life certified  beef is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • To guarantee to you that our beef is pasture-for-life our farm is certified and audited by the Pasture-for-Life Association.  'Grass fed' beef is not a guarantee that the beef has not been fed grain.

How We Work

Our cattle graze our semi-upland coastal pastures throughout the year, with the exception of over winter where calving cows and young cattle are sheltered in straw-bedded open barns. Winter-housed cattle are fed on our own silage (naturally fermented grass) harvested during the summer to create dry silage. Carcasses are aged for four weeks to make the most of the flavour imparted by the grass-rearing and breeding.

Our Range

Perfect for your next BBQ or when you are rustling up some beef burgers, you can choose from a variety of our quality pasture-for-life meat products, including:

  • Beef sirloin steaks

  • Beef rump steaks

  • Beef shin

  • Beef mince

  • Beef fillet steak

  • Beef brisket

  • Beef rib-eye steak