Organic Haggis

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How we make our haggis 

Peelhams organic haggis is rich in flavour and texture.We make our haggis with simple wholesome ingredients including the traditional lambs offal (heart, lung, kidney and liver), beef offal (heart, kidneys and liver) and mutton flank to give it more flavour and balanced texture.  Our haggis is wheat and barley free.  We use traditional organic Scottish pin-head oatmeal, fresh onions and a little bit of spice.

Though eaten mostly to celebrate our national bard Robbie Burns (25th January) and now more often to celebrate St Andrew (30th November), it can be eaten all year round - particularly with a hearty breakfast or to stuff poultry or game. 

Making haggis is a challenging logistical exercise (they take alot of controlling !!), so we batch-make them which means that they can sometimes come to you pre-frozen.  If you wish to re-freeze them simply cook them first, cool them down and pop them into the freezer until you need them !

How to cook your haggis

Wrap in silver foil, bring to the boil and simmer gently for 45 minutes.  Set your haggis 'free' by opening the casing down the middle and spooning onto plates served with mashed potatoes and neeps (swede or turnip) and with a whiskey butter sauce.  Gently melt your butter and add whiskey to taste. 

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