Organic Festive Feast for 4-6 people (gluten free)

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The Peelham Organic Festive Feast Hamper with Organic Charcuterie will provide upto two meals for 4- 6  people and includes:                   

1 x Organic pork leg boned rolled & scored 1.5kg,  1 x Organic Spiced Beef 1kg,  ap 24 x Organic pork sage Kilties (Pigs in Blankets) 500g,   Organic plain pork GF Sausage Meat 500g,   ap 24 Organic plain pork GF Chipolatas 500g,  ap 24 Lamb Merguez Chipolatas 500g,  ap 16 slices Organic Back Bacon 750g, ap 12  slices Organic Dry-cured Streaky Bacon 300g, 1 x Organic Salami, 2 x Organic Chorizo, Air-dried Juniper Mutton (or Air-dried Pork Coppa) x 50g.

These delicious products for your generous Christmas Feast come from our own organic free-range, rare-breed and rare-breed cross pigs  foraging freely here at Peelham and our grass-reared beef. Our organic gammon and bacon are mildly dry cured by hand.  Our organic spiced beef is salted and spiced by hand. Our organic sausages and sausage meat are made the traditional way by-hand and in natural casings. Our award winning organic charcuterie is made and air-dried by us here at Peelham. The chorizo is packed full of smoked pimento and complex flavours and great for starters with our salami and Air-dried Juniper Mutton.  Our gammons have a generous amount of fat which makes them moist and deeply flavoursome.  Our beef is grass fed, matured slowly and dry-aged for 3-4 weeks.  We used  a mild spice which complements its delicous flavour.  Christmas deserves a festive organic celebration sourced from Peelham and delivered directly to your door.

Cooking your Peelham Gammon:  The gammon does not require pre-soaking.  Submerge your gammon in cold water with seasonings (4 x garlic cloves, Teaspoon of whole pepper corns, fist full of celery leaves, 2 x bay leaves) and bring slowly to a simmering boil.  Continue to simmer gently for 1.5hrs.  Remove and cool the gammon before removing the outer skin with a knife leaving a generous layer of fat.  Push whole whole cloves into the fat and roast in a hot oven for 20 minutes before serving.  Dont forget to use that delcious stock for your Boxing Day soup!

Cooking your Peelham Spiced Beef:  Simmer your spiced beef slowly having submerged it in cold water and brought it gently to the boil for 50-60 minutes.  It does not need seasoning.  Keep the stock to add to that fantastic Boxing Day soup !

LAST ORDER DEADLINES:  Midnight Saturday 14th December for all orders: Couriered delivery to your door on Wednesday 18th or Thursday 19th December; Collection from the farm by 2.00pm Friday 20th December; Or Collection at the following FARMERS MARKETS;

Saturday 21st December: Kelso and Leith Markets and Glasgow (Mansfield Park)

Sunday 22nd December: Stockbridge Market

Products are sent fresh and chilled.  Please dont forget to refrigerate/freeze your products as soon as you receive them. Dont delay getting your order to us. 

Please CONTACT US if you have any queries.


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