Organic Economy Christmas for Two (gluten free)

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The Peelham Organic Economy Christmas for Two includes:

1 x Organic Gammon (Dry-cured, boned rolled) 1.0kg,  Ap 10 x Organic pork & sage Kilties (Pigs in Blankets) 300g,   Organic plain pork Sausage Meat GF 500g,   Organic Dry-cured Streaky Bacon aprox 8 slices 300g

These delicious products for your sumptious Christmas Feast come from  organic free-range, high welfare pigs and our pasture-for-life beef. 


Midday Sunday 13th December for all orders: Couriered delivery to your door on Friday 18th; Collection from the farm by 2.00pm Tuesday 22nd December; Or Collection at the following FARMERS MARKETS;

Saturday 19th December: Kelso and Leith Markets and Glasgow (Mansfield Park)

Sunday 20th December: Stockbridge Market

Products are sent fresh and chilled.  Please dont forget to refrigerate/freeze your products as soon as you receive them. Dont delay getting your order to us. 

Please CONTACT US if you have any queries.

Cooking your Peelham Gammon:  The gammon does not require pre-soaking.  Submerge your gammon in cold water with seasonings (8 x garlic cloves, Teaspoon of whole pepper corns, fist full of celery leaves, 2 x bay leaves) and bring slowly to a simmering boil.  Continue to simmer gently for 2hrs.  Remove and cool the gammon before removing the outer skin with a knife leaving a generous layer of fat.  Push whole whole cloves into the fat and roast in a hot oven for 30 minutes before serving.  Dont forget to use that delcious stock for your Boxing Day soup!

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