Organic Charcuterie-for-a-Platter

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An ideal gift with a long-self life, Our 'Organic charcuterie-for-a-platter' includes whole salamis for you to arrange and slice;

You will receive two whole salamis (from our selection of Chorizo, Fennel, Veal Star Anise or our Redwine Salami), with one of our Salami Snacking Sticks (either our Droewors-style Beef & Coriander or our Lamb & Cumin Seed with Cayenne Pepper) with two packs from our selection of airdried meats (which do come pre-sliced): Juniper Mutton (airdried and smoked leg of mutton), Pancetta (airdried smoked pork belly), Coppa (airdried pork shoulder), Lonza (airdried pork loin).

Our salamis are winners of the prestigious Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards  and a number of other awards including British Charcuterie Awards 'Gold' for our Air-dried Ham,  Great Taste Gold Stars for our Prosciutto Ham and our Veal and Star Anise Salami.


Weight: 650.0000g
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