Organic Beef Sirloin Joint

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Three weight options of our Beef sirloin from Pasture-for-life (grass-for-life and grain-free),  Aberdeen Angus beef with that fine lacing fat through the muscle for that extra special roast. If you would like an unrolled joint for a flat roast or 'Roti de Contrefillet' please make this request in the comments box at the checkout.

A rule-of-thumb to estimate the number of servings and the best wieght for you is 250g per portion of the raw joint before cooking (eg 750g will serve 3 people or 2 with seconds for one !!)

DID YOU KNOW: Meat from 100% pasture-fed organic grasslands, is proven to be significantly more nutritious than meat from main-stream systems and qualifies as a source of Omega-3 (Univ Newcastle research 2021;

Weight: 750.0000750g
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