Organic Air-dried Smoked Juniper Mutton

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Scotland Food & Drink Excellance award WINNER 2017!

Peelhams award winning organic air-dried Smoked Juniper Mutton  is a really unique charcuterie traditionally hand made on the farm.  It has a rare flavour from the combination of the grass fed mutton, simple curing, and the final hint of juniper and light oak smoking.  

This modern ‘celtic-scandic’ charcuterie was inspired by Scotland’s native ‘reestit-mutton’ charcuterie from the Outer Hebrides. Unique to Peelham, we naturally air-dry using only sea-salt and Juniper for up to seven months and then mildly smoke with oak in our own on-farm smokery.  This makes a delicately flavoured mutton-prosciutto which goes exquisitely well with a peaty dram. It has a genuine ‘Scottish Terroir’.  It is made from Peelham’s grass-fed organic Lleyn and Lleyn x mutton ewes and comes sliced and ready-to-eat as a starter or with an aperitif.  “Rich, mature, mellow with a distinct and lingering taste”, “The most gastronomically promising product of the day” were the judges’ description at the 2014 Soil Association ‘Dragons Den’ where it was given the BEST TASTE AWARD of the event.


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