Meet The Family

Our farm business partnership (Cayley Walton Partners) has evolved and adapted to change since its original formation in 1990 between Chris and Denise Walton and Amanda Cayley.

Denise and Chris’s son Angus, joined the family business in 2015 after a few adventurous years in Russia and New Zealand.

Since when the family has grown wonderfully with the addition of Angus’ wife  Helen and their two wee sons Blake, and Elliot.

Denise Walton, Chris Walton and Angus Walton of Peelham Farm

The re-invigorated partnership brings even more energy into its creative vision to farming, loving and trusting Peelham with compassion and care for its soils, its farmed animals, its team and its customers.  

The future generations of Peelham Farm

In practice there is overlap between the farm and the butchery with the partners sharing jobs and challenges and solutions and many-a-laugh (and the odd cry!!).  


Peelham farm, family photo