Craft Butchery Course

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Group sessions of between 4 - 5 people.

In the butchery on our farm in the beautiful Scottish Borders with one of the best views in the UK  AND  alongside one of Peelham's Craft Butchers you will have a hands-on butchery experience including:

  • Breaking-down a whole pig and lamb carcass and learning the different cuts
  • Dry-curing gammon 
  • Making sausages (on your own!)
  • An introduction to charcuterie
  • Hands on experience of  the workings of our on-farm butchery
  • Gaining an insight into the running of an organic butchery as part of an integrated organic farming business

With Denise & Chris Walton you will also:

  • Have an introduction to the relationship between farming, animal husbandry, eating quality and environmental management.
  • Have a farm kitchen lunch
  • Make new friends with food in common !

The day starts at 9am with a steaming cup of tea or coffee in the farmhouse kitchen and a quick outline of what to expect during the day and an introduction to your fellow budding butchers.  With everyone else you will get into the butchery to get kitted out with foodsafe clothing and footware and ready to commence by 9.45am with either Iain or Steven (our craft butchers).  Lunch is between 12.30 - 1.00pm.  The day ends with tea between 3.30 - 4.00pm.

In the event that we get 3 or less bookings, we will need to reschedule. Why not bring a friend along? If you and a friend book a place each, we can offer each of you a 10% discount voucher for our meat & charcuterie (Redeemable online or direct).


  • 18th January - FULLY BOOKED
  • 15th February - FULLY BOOKED
  • 21st March - FULLY BOOKED
  • 18th April - 3 places left
  • If you would like to be added to our waiting list for these courses please let us know here

When you make your booking please write the date you wish to attend in the comments box at the check-out. Thankyou !  Any product purchase including a course booking is an acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.  Please ensure that you read them.  Access them here

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