Carriage surcharge fee

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Postcodes for surcharge areas

Due to an increasing number of Highlands & Island orders we ask anyone with a postcode below to pay an additional carriage surcharge of £5.80  Simply click "add to cart" to add to your basket.
You will still get £7.50 towards your postage if your product order is over £85 

Please be aware the £5.80 does not contribute towards your £85 and is an additional cost.

AB41  AB51  AB52  AB37  AB38  AB42  AB43  AB44  AB45  AB53  AB54  AB55  AB56  FK17  FK18  FK19  FK20  FK21 

IV1  IV2  IV3  IV4  IV5  IV6  IV7  IV8  IV9  IV10  IV11  IV12  IV13  IV14  IV15  IV16  IV17  IV18  IV19  IV20  IV25  IV30  IV31  IV32  IV36  IV63  IV21  IV22  IV23  IV24  IV26  IV27  IV28  IV40  IV52  IV53  IV54  

PA21 PA22 PA23 PA24 PA25 PA26 PA27 PA28 PA29 PA30 PA31 PA32 PA33 PA34 PA35 PA37 PA38 PA39 PA36 PA40 PA80

PH15 PH16 PH17 PH18 PH19 PH20 PH20 PH21 PH22 PH23 PH24 PH25 PH26 PH32 PH49 PH50 PH30 PH31 PH33 PH34 PH35 PH36 PH37 PH38 PH39 PH40 PH41

KW1  KW2  KW3  KW5  KW6  KW7  KW8  KW9  KW10  KW11  KW12  KW13  KW14  

Please be aware if you live in the Highlands and Islands and you don't see your post code above it maybe because there is a higher  surcharge for us to deliver to you.  In this case please call 01890 781 328.

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