Are you happy to buy supermarket sausages when you fill your trolley with the weekly shop?

They might taste okay to you but you really have to try butcher’s grade organic sausages to realise what you have been missing all of these years.

Take our word for it, there’s no comparison between freshly made sausages and ‘pre-mix’ brands that you simply pluck off a shelf.

The perfect sausage is made from a mixture of ingredients, it goes through a number of processes and we thought we’d share our sausage making secret with you in this next blog from Peelham Farm.

Our bangers are

  • Hand-made every week to the highest standards – We carefully choose the ingredients, we lovingly create each string of sausages using time-honoured traditions and this is one of the reasons we think our sausages are the best.
  • Made from at least 80% organic meat – We also include toasted bread-rusk and a slight hint of oatmeal to add a little nuttiness to the flavour.
  • Seasoned with GMO-free herbs and spices – You won’t find any artificial flavours, additives or enhancers in our products, everything we put into our sausages we are proud of, it’s natural and good – it tastes great because it’s packed with flavour.
  • Packed with choice – As well as prime pork sausages we also make veal and all-lamb sausages if you fancy a change and want to try something new, why not give your palate a fresh challenge?
  • Made on the same day each week – Traditionally we make our sausages on Tuesday every week, that means they’re lovely and fresh ready for our customer orders.  Whether you fancy bangers and mash, are hosting a barbecue, or simply want something tasty to add to a fry-up at the weekend, order something organic and taste the difference with our hand-made range.