Take a sneaky peak at the charcuterie section of our website and you’ll discover a selection of salamis and chorizo, air-dried ham and mutton which make the perfect ingredients for a picnic.

Instead of stodgy cheese sandwiches, try a different mix of ingredients the next time you prepare a hamper for a day by the river, our charcuterie range ensures you eat well outdoors!

This is what you need for a charcuterie picnic.


The staple carry case of many a picnic, opt for a wicker hamper for a traditional al fresco meal, there’s something special about producing fresh meats from such a resplendent basket.


You could perch on a bench to tuck into your picnic but it’s much more fun to lay a rug on the grass. Plus it gives you more room to spread out the full extent of your charcuterie picnic, bring plenty of food and you’ll need tons of space to lay it all out.


The fun part of the picnic! Think about the produce you want to take along with you. Organic salami, chorizo and thinly sliced air-dried pancetta are good options to consider, you could choose slices of lightly smoked juniper mutton along with prosciutto ham if you prefer.

Add a selection of cheeses, chunks of pate and don’t forget to include freshly baked bread either, baguettes or ciabatta are popular options to choose.


For an adult picnic we’d go with a bottle of fizz, all those lovely bubbles will really bring out the flavours of the charcuterie. Take some ice packs with you or pop the wine into a cooler bag, serve nice and chilled as the perfect accompaniment to your fresh meats.


Finally, after eating all those delicious meats and savouring the finest cheeses and pate, don’t be too surprised if you are struggling to squeeze a pudding in. Take some white chocolate cookies along with you as a fitting end to the picnic, bet you’ll find the extra space to savour this sweet treat!