You might have noticed the ‘Own a Tamworth’ section if you have taken a good look around our website. This section provides you with details about the Peelham-Own-A-Tamworth (POAT) club, it tells you how to become a member of a community that’s devoted to organic farming. If you like the sound of owning your own Tamworth we thought we’d give you a little information, just so you know a little more about this brilliant breed.


Tamworth pigs get their name from their place of origin, namely the Drayton Manor Estate at Tamworth, Staffordshire. They were the brainchild of Sir Robert Peel who cross-bred an existing breed with pigs from Ireland and in 1865 they were given their own breed recognition.


You can spot Tamworth Pigs by their elongated heads and long narrow bodies. They tend to be gingery-red in colour and usually grow to be a medium size. Males (boars) and females (sows) are around the same height standing at approximately 2.1ft. The length of the pig varies from 3.2ft to 4.6ft in total.


Tamworth sows make good mums and they tend to have litters of between six to ten piglets in total. Although wary of humans at first, piglets adapt fast and they adjust quite quickly with a little interaction.


Tamworths are known for being good with humans, they are generally even tempered, are happy to graze in fields with other cattle and thrive on good quality pasture. Tamworths are hardy pigs that are able to stand extreme bouts of weather, they thrive in northerly settings where other breeds would struggle to cope with the climate. They’re renowned for the quality of their bacon and we believe a well-tended, organic Tamworth is an excellent choice if you are considering owning a pig to rear for slaughter.