The year’s flying by and sooner rather than later you’ll need to start thinking about the Christmas roast. Whether you prefer turkey with all the trimmings, a festive goose, or a seasonal slice of ham, there’s no such thing as too much planning at this time of year. Our blog provides useful information about preparing for the big day, call it a mini survival guide if you like!

  • Jot down the menu: Make sure you know what you’ll be cooking in plenty of time and if you are ordering a fresh turkey give your butcher or meat supplier plenty of notice. You don’t want to be rushing around the local stores on Christmas Eve trying to find a turkey, all the best bargains will be gobbled up! Plan in advance, write down a precise list of everything you need for the menu and make sure you order and get everything together in plenty of time.
  • Choose a light starter: There’ll be masses of meat and tons of trimmings to tuck into when you prepare a Christmas dinner so try not to over-face the family with a starter that’ll spoilt the main course. Pick a light salmon starter, a small terrine or tiny crostinis, just make sure they’re bite-sized and easy to prepare and store in the fridge.
  • Start peeling and prepping as soon as you can: Don’t leave it until the Queen’s speech to start peeling the spuds, you can do this the night before and keep them in a pan of cold water. Peel and prep the veggies on Christmas Eve and that gives you tons of time on Christmas Day to focus on the meat. If you are cooking a turkey make sure you allow plenty of time to cook the meat through. Buy a ‘turkey tester’ to check the heat of the meat and you’ll know when it’s ready to come out of the oven.
  • Get help decorating the table: If you have invited the entire world to your home on Christmas Day ask a few helpers to set the table with you. Tell dad to stop playing with the Scalextric and use his creative skills to dress the table to impress your guests. Many hands make light work on Christmas Day so don’t tackle everything on your own, the more help you get the easier and more relaxing the day will be!