If you’ve never been to a farmers market before you really should give one a try. They’re hustling, bustling places full of cheery people and eagle-eyed bargain hunters trying to get a great deal on fresh produce. We love farmers markets at Peelham (obviously) and we want to spread our passion about stalls that sell fresh, organic goods. These are just some of the reasons you should visit a farmers market this year, keep your eyes peeled, we regularly advertise upcoming events on our website.

The quality of food is better – Head to a farmers market and you meet people that take immense pride in the produce they sell. You are greeted with stalls of organic meats, fresh cheeses, relishes and vegetables, it looks great and it tastes great too. All of these items are grown, reared or made locally and the quality is exceptional, it’s nothing like the bland, inferior grade products you find in supermarkets.

The choice is amazing – Farmers markets are great if you want quality produce and they’re brilliant for diversity as well. Visit a market and it gives you the opportunity to try something different that you simply haven’t tried before. It’s great to chat to the stall holders, you can learn more about their produce and pick and choose goods that you’ve never heard of before!

You meet really nice people – It’s a pleasure to spend a morning going around a farmers market. Go from one stall to the next and the holders will gladly talk for hours about the produce they have for sale. Shopping is more personal at a farmers market, you meet nice folks that genuinely seem to appreciate your custom.

Food samples are available – There are always ‘freebies’ available at farmers markets and this allows you to try before you buy. If somebody offers a little sample to you, tuck in and savour the taste, chances are you’ll be making a purchase a few moments later because the taste is so great.

It’s more fun! Supermarkets are soulless. Farmers markets are bags of fun. You’ll enjoy being part of the bustle and the banter when you visit a market and return home with shopping bags filled with fresh and tasty organic goods.

How can you resist?