In the last decade or so it seems that more and more people are reporting intolerances to gluten contained in wheat and barley , and the demand for gluten-free foods has increased exponentially. Is it simply that people are no longer happy to put up with the bloating and cramping that gluten has always caused them; or is there something more sinister going on with the grain we consume?

An article posted recently on The Healthy Home Economist blog looked further into the mystery surrounding the recent influx of gluten allergies, and you may be surprised by what you read next…

The writer of the blog, Sarah, had pondered for a while why her husband could eat the wheat that she prepared at home with no problem, but would double up in pain eating a single bread roll in a restaurant.

So what’s going on with our grain?

There will be a host of complex reasons why there is this growing intolerance. When Sarah looked into it she discovered a problem with the way in which the grain is harvested. It seems it is common practice for farmers (other than organic farmers), to spray fields of grain including wheat and barley with a herbicide called Roundup (which contains Glyphosate), 10-14 days before harvesting. Roundup dessicates the grain, making it easier to harvest, particularly in wet summers.

The Food Standards Agency reports that the use of Roundup as a wheat dessicant in UK farming results in glyphosate regularly showing up in bread samples. The practice of using Roundup to dessicate grain may produce an easier and greater yield for the farmer, but many governments are now starting to wake up to the fact that this farming practice has a detrimental effect on the health of consumers.

If you’re concerned about the effects of your own wheat and barley consumption then you may want to consider switching to a gluten free or organic diet (or both). Organic farmers do not use herbicides on their crops. Most supermarkets now stock a fantastic and ever-growing range of gluten free products so it’s easier than ever to switch to bread and sweet treats that won’t irritate your gut.

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