TODAY you will find us at Edinburgh Farmers Market in Castle Terrace until 2.00pm and Leith Market in Dock Place until 4.00pm

Our presence at both of these markets gives you plenty of chance to get all your organic and ‘free-from’, grass-fed and free-range meat including beef, ruby-veal, lamb, mutton and pork direct from our farm and our on-farm butchery. All made by us and our butchers; our range includes gluten and grain-free sausages and burgers, a wide range of our charcuterie (also gluten-free) and including salamis, air-dried meats such as prosciutto, lonza, coppa and our dry-cured hand-salted bacon (which is smoked or unsmoked). We also do organic dog meat to order in 3-4kg packs at £3.50/kg.

AND ….. you meet us – the farmers and producers !

Our butchery is wheat, dairy, nut,egg and sulphite-free. It is also FREE FROM flavour enhancers, cure enhancers, cure accelorators, colourants, colour-fixers, emulsifiers …… (Yes – beleive it or not MOST processed food eaten today includes these awful ingredients). Our sausages and burgers include only the meat and the herbs and spices we add to our own recipes !

You can also order online and collect from the market. We need to have orders for sausages and burgers by midnight on Mondays for that weekends markets as we hand-make them early-doors on Tuesdays !

We are at Edinburgh Castle Terrace every first Saturday of the month and Leith Dock Place every single Saturday of the month.

AND … at Leith Market Only we supply Griersons FANTASTIC organic free range (truly) chicken. Buy and order straight from the market.