First of all if you havent already buy your Gammon here. Gammon can be SLOWLY simmered or SLOWLY roasted. Roasting can make the gammon a bit dry. Here at Peelham, we prefer to gently simmer because we LOVE the stock for Boxing Day soup.

No need to soak our mildly cured gammons before Simmering GENTLY for 1hr/kg. Keep it SIMPLE; Immerse in cold water, bring to a simmering boil. Add cloves, pepper corns, garlic, celery leaves and bay leaves to flavour and make that wonderful stock. Cool in the pan once cooked. Peel off the outer skin, leaving string. Push whole cloves into that BEAUTIFUL,creamy, Tamworth fat and add your favourite glaze before placing in the oven at 190deg for ½ hr. Watch the glaze does not burn.

Your SLOW matured, dry-cured gammon is from our SLOW growing, free-ranging organic Tamworth and Tamworth cross pigs. We dry-cure our gammons by-hand. No salt injections, No brining, No cure-accelerators, colorants or colour-fixers. The result is a soft natural pink when cooked, which fades naturally when exposed to air or light.