Here at Peelham we like to offer quality and diversity in the choices of meat to our customers from our organic farm and free-ranging livestock. This is particularly so at Christmas time when everyone likes to celebrate good will to all with good food !

Christmas Gammon is THE traditional accompaniment with your Festive Meal. It packs a complementary ‘punch’ with your turkey and trimmings giving it its well earned reputation. Peelham Gammons come from our slow cured, traditionally dry-salted pork which comes from our slow grown free-range rare-breed cross pigs.

We also offer Beef from our grass-reared, “pasture-for-life” cattle and for Christmas we go the extra mile with our Festive Spiced Beef. Dry salted (or cured) and spiced with our own original recipe you really do not need a lot of it to go along way in terms of deliciousness !

Both our Gammons and Spiced Beef are good value packing more of a punch when it comes to Christmas expenditure because nothing is wasted. Having had them hot and glazed with your Christmas dinner you can then have them cold sliced in a sandwich and lashings of Cranberry Sauce or with salads for those lazy Christmas-week telly-watching sessions accompanied by hot soup made from the Ham and Spiced Beef stock (and whizzed up with the remaining brussels sprouts and parsnips).

Celebration of all that is good with food that is authentically good during the cold and shorter days of winter, extends to the New Year. See the Old Year out with Thanks and the New Year in with Hope slowly savouring a succulent mouthful of Peelham Sirloin or Rib of Beef. We dry-age our prime beef for upto 5 weeks on-the-bone to deepen the natural flavours and soften the textures of the meat. Taste the grass and raise your glass to all that is good in food and farming !