Children can be fussy eaters at the best of times, try getting them to eat something healthy this summer and you’ll have a bit of a battle on your hands.

Still, that shouldn’t deter you from introducing different food types to their palate, take charcuterie for example, it’s tasty, nutritious and delicious, plus it’s perfect for these yummy meal ideas.

Give your kids some of these suggestions this summer and watch as they clear their plates.

Recipe idea 1

Kiddie kebabs

Kids love fun food and the best way to get them excited about meal times is to make the meals as interesting as possible. We think our kiddie kebab recipe is a real ratings winner, try it you’ll love it and your kids will love it too!

All you need are wooden skewers, slices of charcuterie meat, chunks of mozzarella and baby tomatoes to make this fabulous finger food.

Just thread the skewers with alternating slices of meat, cheese and tomato in proper kebab fashion and display them on a plate, it won’t be long until they ‘magically’ dissapear.

Recipe idea 2

Charcuterie omelette

Make a three egg omelette like you normally would just substitute the usual ingredients for your favourite charcuterie meats.

Eggs are packed with protein, mix them up with a little charcuterie produce and you create a scrummy breakfast treat or an easy to fix lunchtime meal.

We think diced chorizo or slithers of salami work well as base ingredients for the omelette, trying adding grated cheese and chopped peppers if you can get away with it, bet your kids fall the charms of this cheeky charcuterie recipe!

Recipe idea 3

Lip-smacking pizza charcuterie style

Kids love pizzas so why not tantalise their taste buds with a charcuterie topped base they make at home?

Create your own pizza bases or purchase shop-bought bases. Add a layer of tomato sauce to the base, freshly grated cheese and cook in a medium oven for 8 – 10 minutes. When the pizza is nearly cooked add slices of charcuterie meat and discs or chunks of mozzarella, then pop back in the oven for a couple of minutes or simply cook the pizza and place cold cuts of meat on the top.

Slice it up and serve it whilst it’s warm, this is one summer treat your kids won’t forget in a hurry.

Have fun introducing new charcuterie recipes to your brood over the summer holidays, for base supplies contact Peelham for the finest hand-made produce.