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Organic Sausages & Burgers

For a nitrite-free, sulphite-free, additive-free, preservative-free, flavour enhancer-free, colourant-free, GMO-free and DELICIOUS organic SAUSAGE OR BURGER try  our wide range made with meat from our own organic, free-ranging pigs, grass-fed lamb, pasture-grazed beef  and pasture-grazed veal. 

We use our own recipes and only our own mixes. We do not buy-in pre-mixes.  This gives us control of every ingredient which goes into your sausage or burger to make a completely transparent food chain.   Simply organic meat and organic seasoning go into our sausages and burgers. We use only natural casings for our sausages.  If you prefer  not to use any pork   we recommend our lamb merguez  sausage, our beef sausages and our veal sausages  with no pork-fat added and used with natural lamb casings.  

As our organic sausages are traditionally handmade,  we group orders for a weekly sausage making bonanza here at the farm !   On the very rare occassion where we have not made your specific sausage type, we shall contact you with regards to fulfilling your order with either a frozen pack or a substitute. 

Sausage and burger ORDERS NEED TO BE WITH US BY MONDAY MID-NIGHT  as Tuesdays are our sausage and burger making days.  But dont worry if you miss the deadline we will simply carry your order over to the following week.

All of our products are GMO and antibiotic free.  Only when necessary for disease control and welfare reasons do we administer antibiotics to our animals as part of our animal health plan with our vet.

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Organic Lamb Kofta Burger (Gluten Free)
Organic Lamb Merguez sausages (Gluten Free)
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Organic Plain Pork Gluten Free Sausages
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Organic Pork and Garlic Sausages
Organic Pork and Sage Sausages
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Organic Pork Meat Loaf with Smoked  Bacon - Gluten free
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Organic Toulouse Sausagemeat (Gluten-Free)
Organic Toulouse Sausages (Gluten Free)
Organic Veal Itallienne Sausages (Gluten Free)
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Organic Veal, Lemon & Thyme Burgers (Gluten Free)
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Organic Kilties or Pigs-in-Blankets
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Organic Lamb and Garlic Sausage Gluten Free
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Organic Pork and Chive Burgers (Gluten Free)
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Organic Pork Sausagemeat (Gluten-free)
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