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Organic Ready To Eat

You dont want to cook - Right ?  But you need something ready-to-eat !  Something quick and delicious for that last minute lunch with friends, or something slow and enjoyable for the family picnic, or unique for your dinner party starters, or something to nibble with a glass of wine or something nutritious, organic and free-range to boost your energy levels at work ?  Well we have it here in our online shop and from the farm here at Peelham; Cooked sliced ham (smoked and unsmoked), salamis, air-dried prosciutto ham, smoked pancetta and a selection of cold-cutting pies. Go on ...try something and let us know how you get on !

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Organic Air-dried Prosciutto Ham
Organic Air-dried Prosciutto Ham Weight: 50g In Stock
  Peelham's organic air-dried prosciutto ham has a distinctive flavour. Made from our free-ran..
Organic Air-dried Smoked Juniper Mutton
Scotland Food & Drink Excellance award WINNER 2017! Peelhams award winning organic air-dried ..
Organic Beef Droewors
Organic Beef Droewors Weight: 80g In Stock
Peelham's organic beef droewors are prepared here on the farm, air dried without preservatives using..
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Organic Charcuterie-for-a- Platter
Organic Charcuterie-for-a- Platter Weight: 650g In Stock
Our organic charcuterie which is naturally fermented with deep complex flavours is made here at Peel..
Organic Chorizo
Organic Chorizo Weight: 135g In Stock
SCOTLAND FOOD AND DRINK EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNER:  Peelhams organic chorizo is packed full of sm..
Organic Cooked Ham Slices
Organic Cooked Ham Slices Weight: 200g In Stock
Our delicious organic and ready-to-eat cooked ham slices from our free-ranging rare-breed cross..
Organic Cooked Smoked Ham Slices
Organic Cooked Smoked Ham Slices Weight: 200g Out Of Stock
Our cooked smoked ham is prepared here on Peelham farm, made from our rarebreed cross, free-range&nb..
Organic Coppa
Organic Coppa Weight: 50g In Stock
Our organic air-dried Coppa is the most richly flavoured of our air-dried charcuterie products. ..
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Organic Lonza
Organic Lonza Weight: 50g In Stock
We cure our Lonza from the loin of pork, air-dry it for several months in our 200 year old ston..
Organic Pancetta (Smoked)
Organic Pancetta (Smoked) Weight: 50g In Stock
Our organic smoked pancetta is hand-made on the Farm from rare breed cross pigs. Part of our Scottis..
Organic Salami with Fennel
Organic Salami with Fennel Weight: 0.14kg In Stock
Peelham's organic salami with fennel is completely organic and recently won a food and drink ex..
Organic Salami with Red Wine
Organic Salami with Red Wine Weight: 0.19kg In Stock
Our award winning Organic Red Wine Salami is a delicious, classic salami with a delicate h..
Organic Beef Bresaola
Organic Beef Bresaola Weight: 50g In Stock
Scotland Food & Drink Excellance FINALIST 2017! Our organic cured beef bresaola is air-d..
Organic Cooked Ham Joint
Organic Cooked Ham Joint Weight: 1kg In Stock
Peelham's cooked ham from its free-ranging pigs comes ready-to-eat and read-to-glaze ..
Organic Smoked Nduja - Spreadable Salami
An Organic Nduja mildly smoked, not too 'hot', soft and creamy for spreading with a squeez..
Based on 1 reviews.