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Organic Meat Boxes

Tired of decision-making ??  Take a look at our Organic Meat Boxes for every occasion.  Made from our free-range and organic pork, lamb and ruby-veal in our on-farm butchery.  We do an Economy Meat Pack for One which is ideal for students on a small budget or an Economy Meat Box for Two which provides four budget meaty meals for a week.  Go romantic with a Weekend box for Two including bacon and sausage for a nutritious breakfast and then something special for that evening meal.  We can even send your meat box directly to your self-catering weekend destination to await your arrival.  How about a Gluten-free Meat Box (see our Gluten Free page), for the freezer with delicious gourmet sausage and burger recipes and our gluten-free haggis (who said gluten-free was dull !).  Are you struggling to find that really original wedding present ? Than try our Steak Box with 10 delicious steaks or even our Ruby-veal Box for someone convalescing from illness.  Grass-fed organic veal is so easy to digest and packed full of Omega 3, and Vitamins D and K.  For families we do two options of our Monthly Family of Four which you could alternate each month and for which we offer a 5% discount.  We think of everything for you, for our animals and for ours (and their) environment !  Bon Appetite !

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Organic BBQ Party Box (Gluten free)
This list will tempt the taste buds and make you want to have a BBQ PARTY (it will feed 6-8 people) ..
Organic Beef BBQ Pack (Gluten-free)
Peelham's Beef BBQ Beef Pack has a great selection of sausages, burgers and steaks made from grass-f..
Organic Economy Box for 2
This box contains: Mince 1 x 300g Diced 1 x 300g Steaks 2 x 200g Burgers 1 x 250g Sau..
Organic Economy Pack
This pack contains: Mince 1 x 300g Diced 1 x 300g Leg Steaks 2 x 110g ..
Organic Lamb BBQ Pack  (Gluten free)
Guaranteed ALL grass fed Lamb BBQ pack from our organic farm and butchery includes th..
Organic Mixed BBQ Pack (Gluten-free)
All organic, All gluten-free, All 'free-from' but FULL of variety and taste:  (For two people)&..
Organic Monthly Budget Meat Box for Four
This box contains: Pork Belly Rolled 1 x 1.5kg Lamb Shoulder Rolled 1 x 1.5kg Lamb Gigot Chops - ..
Organic Monthly Meat Box for Four
This box contains: Veal Frying Steaks- 4 packs - 2 x 250g steaks per pack Veal Breast with Por..
Organic Monthly Meat Box for Two
This box contains: Lamb Shoulder Rolled 1 x 1.5kg Shoulder Bacon 2 x 200g packs Lamb Diced 1 x 25..
Organic Mutton Indulgence Box
Organic Pork BBQ Pack (Gluten free)
Free range, rare-breed & rare-breed cross and delicious this is what will arrive on your door st..
Organic Pork Freezer Box
This is fantastic value organic Peelham pork for your freezer, not quite but almost half-a-pigs wort..
Organic Pork Selection Box
This box contains: Roastin Joint Boned & Rolled 1 x 1.5kg Pork Chops 4 x 200g Shoulder Bacon ..
Organic Ready to Eat Box
This box contains: Air-dried Sliced Pork Coppa 1 x 50g pack Chorizo x 1 Salami with Red Wine x 1 ..
Organic Ruby Veal Box
This box contains: Veal Sirloin Steaks 2 x 250g Veal Escalopes 2 x 150g Diced Veal 1 x 500g ..
Organic Steak Box
This box contains: Pork Leg Steak 1 x 200g Pork Fillet Steak 1 x 200g Lamb Leg Steak 1 x 200g La..
Organic Weekend Box -New season lamb
This box contains: Leg Steaks 4 x 110g Lamb & Mint Burgers 1 x 250g Merquez sausages 1 x 300g..
Organic Weekend Box for 2
This box contains: Breakfast sausages 1 x 300g Berwickshire 1 x 300g Back Bacon 1 x 200g Shoulde..