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Organic Meat Boxes

Tired of decision-making ??  Take a look at our Organic Meat Boxes for every occasion.  Made from our free-range and organic pork, lamb and ruby-veal in our on-farm butchery.  We do an Economy Meat Pack for One which is ideal for students on a small budget or an Economy Meat Box for Two which provides four budget meaty meals for a week.  Go romantic with a Weekend box for Two including bacon and sausage for a nutritious breakfast and then something special for that evening meal.  We can even send your meat box directly to your self-catering weekend destination to await your arrival.  How about a Gluten-free Meat Box (see our Gluten Free page), for the freezer with delicious gourmet sausage and burger recipes and our gluten-free haggis (who said gluten-free was dull !).  Are you struggling to find that really original wedding present ? Than try our Steak Box with 10 delicious steaks or even our Ruby-veal Box for someone convalescing from illness.  Grass-fed organic veal is so easy to digest and packed full of Omega 3, and Vitamins D and K.  For families we do two options of our Monthly Family of Four which you could alternate each month and for which we offer a 5% discount.  We think of everything for you, for our animals and for ours (and their) environment !  Bon Appetite !

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Organic BBQ Party Box (Gluten free)
Our organic BBQ meat pack comes with a  selection of our exceptional traditional saus..
Organic Beef BBQ Pack (Gluten-free)
Our Peelham's Beef BBQ Beef Pack has a great selection of sausages, burgers and steaks made from gra..
Organic Economy Box for 2
This box contains: Mince 1 x 300g Diced 1 x 300g Steaks 2 x 200g Burgers 1 x 250g Sausages 1 x ..
Organic Lamb BBQ Pack  (Gluten free)
Guaranteed ALL grass fed Lamb BBQ pack from our organic farm and butchery includes th..
Organic Lamb Economy Pack
This pack contains: Mince 1 x 300g Diced 1 x 300g Leg Steaks 2 x 150g ..
Organic Mixed BBQ Pack (Gluten-free)
Organic Mixed BBQ Pack (Gluten-free) Weight: 1.50kg In Stock
All organic, All gluten-free, All 'free-from' but FULL of variety and taste:  (For two people)&..
Organic Monthly Budget Meat Box for Four
This box contains: Pork Belly Rolled 1 x 1.5kg Lamb Shoulder Rolled 1 x 1.5kg Lamb Gigot Chops - ..
Organic Monthly Meat Box for Four
This box contains: Veal Frying Steaks- 4 packs - 2 x 250g steaks per pack Veal Breast with Pork &a..
Organic Monthly Meat Box for Two
This box contains: Lamb Shoulder Rolled 1 x 1.5kg Back Bacon 2 x 200g packs Lamb Diced 1 x 250g p..
Organic Mutton Indulgence Box
Mutton Rolled shoulder 1.5kg Mutton diced 500g Mutton mince 500g Mutton Noisettes 300g (4 p..
Organic Pork BBQ Pack (Gluten free)
Free range, rare-breed & rare-breed cross and delicious this is what will arrive on your door st..
Organic Pork Freezer Box
Organic Pork Freezer Box Weight: 9.60kg In Stock
This is fantastic value organic Peelham pork for your freezer, with a significant 10% discount ..
Organic Pork Selection Box
This box contains: Roasting Joint Boned & Rolled 1 x 1.5kg Pork Loin Chops 4 x 200g Bac..
Organic Steak Box
This box contains: Pork Leg Steak 1 x 200g Pork Fillet Steak 1 x 200g Lamb Leg Steak 1 x 200g La..
Organic Weekend Box -New season lamb
This box contains: Leg Steaks 2 x 200g  Lamb & Mint Burgers 1 x 250g Merquez sausages 1 ..