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Organic Veal

Our organic grass reared veal is now fully back in season.  As a natural product based on an extensive livestock pasture system our veal is seasonal.  So for a short period in the late spring and early summer we dont have any available. 

Peelham organic veal is from 8 - 10 month calves from our herd of organic pasture-grazed Aberdeen Angus and  Luing cross suckler cows. They are free-grazing naturally with their mothers as part of our extensive free-ranging herd of cattle. Our cattle are housed during adverse winter conditions in open staw-bedded sheds and fed  on naturally fermented forage.  Reared only off grass and on mothers which are also only grass-reared produces our  exquisite tasting ruby  veal with its delicious flavour, fine texture and tracing of intra-muscular fat. Our organic veal is given added depth of flavour from dry-ageing the carcasse for two weeks in our butchery chill.

This is what Scotlands Chefs have to say: Michael Smith of the Three Chimneys on Skye "Superb product from a dedicated team"; Andrew Fairlie of Gleneagles "Peelham veal is a unique and exceptional product from a unique farming practice - there is nothing quite like it in the UK; Nick Nairn on tasting it in the Peelham Farm Kitchen while filming for BBC Landward "This is a revelation ....this is very good, it has a real sweetness, it is just delicious and has real flavour"

On nominaing Peelham as BBC Countryfile 'Food Heroes' Joanna Blythman author, food writer and restaurant critic says this about Peelham Ruby Veal; "Peelham has become a byword for ethically produced meat. The team deserves a medal for educating both the public and chefs about the difference between compassionately reared veal and the white factory-farmed equivalent"

Peelham organic veal fillet was awarded a Quality Food Award in 2008.




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