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Organic Mutton

As a seasonal grass based livestock system our mutton is out of stock from June to late September.  It is currently out of stock but we expect to have our first mutton ready for you in 2-3 weeks time.  Watch this space or email us here and we'll contact you as soon as we have it in stock. 

Pasture grazed, grass-fed, free-range Peelham Lleyn mutton from our pure-bred Llyen and Lleyn cross flocks, grazed on our upland coastal pastures, has a unique slightly salty flavour and succulent texture.  Our mutton flock is gathered in the autumn following a summer fattening on our open grass pastures with their views north of the Lammermuir Hills and south to the Cheviot Hills.  Taste this view through the distinctively dark meat and rich flavours of our mutton which we dry age in our butchery chill-room for two weeks. In addition to the classic (and delicious) cuts, joints, noisettes, chops, diced and minced we also dry-cure our mutton to make a mutton 'ham' or salted mutton (see our Hams and Bacons), and we air-dry our mutton to make a delicately flavoured Mutton prosciutto (see our Charcuterie section)

Lleyn are a British native breed hailing from the Lleyn Peninsula of Wales.  They do particularly well on our forage-based organic system.

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