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Organic Free-range Pork

THIS WEEK Our pork is on offer with a 10% discount !  We have taken 10% off our normal pork prices for our fresh pork products other than our Pork Fat, Pork Bones and Pork Liver.  Offer ends Friday 17th March.

Here at Peelham, we use only the pigs we breed and rear free-range on the farm through our on-farm butchery for the pork and charcuterie products we send to you our customer. This is a short, simple and sustainable food chain that you can trust.   All our pork is organic and free range, and our butchery is organically certified. Our  pigs are reared and fattened free-ranging out-of-doors and able to follow their natural behaviour foraging, rooting, snorting and grunting in the open, with warm straw-bedded arks to sleep and shelter in.  

Our herd is made-up of Tamworths and Tamworth x Duroc crosses. Both Tamworths and Durocs are  red, hairy, hardy out-door breeds of pig with excellent eating quality and a dark meat.  The Tamworth x Duroc is a good cross with the Tamworth introducing more delicious fat to the meat in particular the intra-muscular fat essential to eating quality (and health !).  We maintain pure bred Tamworths for those customers who choose to adopt a Tamworth or Tamworth joints and also to breed with our Durocs to make the successful cross breed. Other  features our Tamworths bring into our breeding is their love of a good scratch, their good nature and enjoyment of people.  The Duroc can be a wee bit more 'distant' !  

Our outdoor pigs are an important part of our organic and forage-based farming system. They excavate deep rooting weeds, adding nutrients to the soil (including the all important phosphates),  in their manure before we sow our cereal crops.  With their origins in Ireland where they were known as 'Forest Pigs' Tamworths with  their beautiful long snouts are exceptionally good at this practice. 


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Organic Pork & Veal Mince
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Organic Pork Belly Slices
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Organic Pork Bones
Organic Pork BonesWeight: 1,500g
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Organic Pork Cheek
Organic Pork CheekWeight: 375g
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Organic Pork Diced
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Organic Pork Fillet
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Organic Pork Freezer Box
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Organic Pork Leg boned and rolled
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Organic Pork Leg on the bone
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Organic Pork Leg Steak
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Organic Pork Liver
Organic Pork LiverWeight: 300g
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Organic Pork Loin boned and rolled
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Organic Pork Loin Chop
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Organic Pork Loin Medallions
Pork loin medallions (or pork loin steaks) are made from our free-ranging rare breed cross pigs. Our..
Organic Pork Loin on the bone
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Organic Pork Mince
Organic Pork MinceWeight: 250g
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Organic Pork Mince
Organic Pork MinceWeight: 500g
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Organic Pork Shoulder Boned & Rolled
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Organic Pork Shoulder on the bone
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Organic Pork Spare Rib
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Organic Pork Trotters
Pork trotters from our free-ranging Tamworth rare-breed and rare-breed cross pigs make a delici..
Organic Pork Fat
Organic Pork FatWeight: 500g
Peelhams organic pork fat  comes from our free-ranging, pasture-reared & rare-breed cr..