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Organic Christmas

Organic Christmas


CHRISTMAS 2018 - LAST ORDER DEADLINES:  Midnight Saturday 15th December for couriered delivery to your door on Wednesday 19th or Thursday 20th December or collection from the farm.  All collections from the farm must be made please by 5.00pm Friday 21st December. 

For collection at the following FARMERS MARKETS please order by midnight on Sunday 16th December:

For final market collections we will be at the following farmers markets for purchases or local order collections:

Saturday 22nd Kelso, Castle Terrace, Leith and Glasgow (Mansfield Park)

Sunday 23rd December Stockbridge Markets

You can always collect from the farm but please ring first and final collections 5.00pm Friday 21st December.

Products are sent fresh and chilled.  Please dont forget to refrigerate/freeze your products as soon as you receive them. Dont delay getting your order to us. 

Please CONTACT US if you have any queries.


Peelham's Organic Christmas Trimmings and  Hampers have something for everybody even for an Organic Gluten Free Paleo Christmas Box, A Festive Feast for 8 or an Economy Christmas for two ! You will find all you need for an exceptionally flavoursome Christmas from our own delicious home-reared and home-produced artisan products including our traditionally cured gammons and bacons, artisan salamis, hand made sausages and spiced salted beef  and all  from our free ranging and high welfare pigs and cattle.  Or you can go for a one stop 'click' and opt for a generously packed hamper of your choice to suit you and your budget.  Christmas is a special time.  Why spoil it trudging around a supermarket when you can have one of our delicious hampers delivered from our farm here in the Scottish Borders directly to your door in time for the Christmas festivities !    

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Organic Beef Sirloin (on the bone)
Organic Beef Sirloin (on the bone) Weight: 2,000g Out Of Stock
Organic Beef Sirloin-on-the-bone from Pasture-for-Life Aberdeen Angus and Luing Crosses for the..
Organic Christmas Hamper (gluten free)
The Peelham Organic Gluten free Christmas Hamper with Organic Charcuterie  for two will pr..
Organic Economy Christmas for Two (Gluten free)
The Peelham Organic Economy Box for Two includes: 1 x Organic Dry Cured Gammon (Unsmoked) 1...
Organic Festive Feast for 2-4 people (gluten free)
The Peelham Organic Festive Feast Hamper will provide upto two meals for  2-4 people and i..
Organic Festive Feast for 4-6 people (gluten free)
The Peelham Organic Festive Feast Hamper with Organic Charcuterie will provide upto two meals f..
Organic Festive Feast for 6 - 8 people (gluten free)
The Peelham Organic Festive Feast Hamper for 6- 8 with Organic Charcuterie will provide upto two mea..
Organic Gammon Joint
Organic Gammon Joint Weight: 1,500g In Stock
Peelham organic dry-cured gammon is rich in flavour, deep in colour and with a soft creamy fat&..
Organic Italienne Sausagemeat (Gluten-Free)
Peelham organic itallienne sausage meat is sensational and gluten free.  You can see and t..
Organic Plain Pork Chipolatas GF
Organic Plain Pork Chipolatas GF Weight: 300g In Stock
Our Organic Pork Chipolatas with Sage and Nutmeg are ideal additions for Christmas and New Year Fest..
Organic Ruby Veal Fillet Joint
Organic Ruby Veal Fillet Joint Weight: 1,000g Out Of Stock
Our organic veal fillet joint is deliciously natural in taste, texture and look. Our beef and v..
Organic Ruby Veal Sirloin (on the bone)
Our organic and Pasture for Life certified veal sirloin is a rarity in our shop and is perfect ..
Organic smoked Gammon Joint
Organic smoked Gammon Joint Weight: 1,500g Out Of Stock
Peelhams organic smoked gammon is traditionally dry-cured by hand on the farm and naturally oak..
Organic Streaky Bacon
Organic Streaky Bacon Weight: 150g Out Of Stock
Based on 1 reviews.
Organic Berwickshire pork & sage sausagemeat (Gluten-free)
Peelham's organic gluten-free festive sausagemeat is simple, versatile and full of flavour with subt..
Organic Christmas Trimmings (gluten free)
Peelham's Christmas Trimmings are a selected combination of 500g Organic pork sage Kilties..
Organic Cooked Ham Joint
Organic Cooked Ham Joint Weight: 1kg In Stock
Peelham's cooked ham from its free-ranging pigs comes ready-to-eat and read-to-glaze ..
Organic Kilties or Pigs-in-Blankets (Pork, sage & nutmeg) Berwickshire GF
Peelhams organic pork chipolatas wrapped in Peelhams organic streaky bacon make a terrific duo&..
Based on 1 reviews.
Organic plain pork Sausagemeat (Gluten-free)
Organic plain pork sausagemeat seasoned with pepper and salt.  Gluten free and made from free r..
Organic Pork free Christmas (gluten free)
CHRISTMAS IS HERE if you prefer to have a pork free Christmas try our speciality hamper which w..
Organic Spiced Beef
Organic Spiced Beef Weight: 1.50kg In Stock
Peelhams Organic Spiced Brisket of Beef is dry-cured and spiced  with allspice and cinnamon and..
Organic Beef Rib Joint on the bone
Organic Beef Rib Joint on the bone Weight: 2,000g Out Of Stock
Organic beef rib joint on the bone is perfect for that mouthwatering and classic roast from pasture ..