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Welcome to our new website!

Please feel free to take a look around! We would love to hear your comments - good & bad - about our new site. Is there something we could improve? Or something missing? Please do let us know!

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Date Added: 19/06/2014

The perfect dinner party

The art of the dinner is a difficult one to perfect. How do you serve great food, ensure everyone is looked after, have time to chat and make it a fun night in that means no one wishes they’d gone out instead?

Here are our tips for throwing the … read more

Date Added: 07/10/2013

A stress-free Christmas roast

The year’s flying by and sooner rather than later you’ll need to start thinking about the Christmas roast. Whether you prefer turkey with all the trimmings, a festive goose, or a seasonal slice of ham, there’s no such thing as too much planning at this time of year. Our blog provides useful … read more

Date Added: 31/10/2013

How can meat be organic?

‘Organic’ has become a popular term over the past 10 years. Most people have a rudimentary understanding of what organic fruit and veg is but sometimes get a little confused by the idea of organic meat. So the animals aren’t sprayed with pesticides? Great!  Of course this isn’t reall … read more

Date Added: 15/11/2013

Tamworth pigs

You might have noticed the ‘Own a Tamworth’ section if you have taken a good look around our website. This section provides you with details about the Peelham-Own-A-Tamworth (POAT) club, it tells you how to become a member of a community that’s devoted to organic farming. If you like the so … read more

Date Added: 25/11/2013

Hot barbecue tips

Once the last grips of winter release their icy claws we can start to look forward to the summer and that means it’s time to fire up the barbecue. Don’t worry if you have experienced a few disasters in the past, take heart from this blog and throw … read more

Date Added: 22/01/2014

Take our butchery course

Over the years as our towns grow and the number of small farms shrinks many of us have switched from shopping at traditional butchers to buying all our meat at the supermarket. You’re there already buying all your other essentials so why not, you can’t argue with convenience.

Unfort … read more

Date Added: 31/01/2014

Why shop at a farmers market

If you’ve never been to a farmers market before you really should give one a try. They’re hustling, bustling places full of cheery people and eagle-eyed bargain hunters trying to get a great deal on fresh produce. We love farmers mar … read more

Date Added: 06/02/2014

Tips on eco friendly shopping

We all have a role to play in supporting a clean environment and eco friendly practices in Britain. Farming and buying organic is just one way of reducing the impact of food production and consumption on the environment. Here are 5 other ways you can help by changing your weekly shopping habits:< … read more

Date Added: 29/04/2014

Environmental Land Management

Defra announced earlier this year that they were developing a new land management scheme which is at this time being referred to as the New Environmental Land Management Scheme (NELMS). This scheme is to be introduced to offer financial reward to farmers and land owners who provide environmental … read more

Date Added: 29/04/2014

Organic farming in the UK

The organic industry in France has grown 2 fold in the last 5 years. However the amount of organically managed land in the UK has fallen. Only 3.5% of agricultural land in the UK is organic. On the flip side 2014 has shown an increase in sales of organic food here but this is the first increase i … read more

Date Added: 29/04/2014

What makes the perfect sausage?

Are you happy to buy supermarket sausages when you fill your trolley with the weekly shop?

They might taste okay to you but you really have to try butcher’s grade organic sausages to real … read more

Date Added: 19/06/2014

Slow-cooked organic lamb

Treat yourself to a joint of pure-bred organic LLEYN lamb from Peelham this summer. It’s grass-fed to provide a slightly salty flavour, the meat is tender, succulent, and works well with a host of recipe ideas

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Date Added: 19/06/2014

The charcuterie picnic

Take a sneaky peak at the charcuterie section of our website and you’ll discover a selection of salamis and chorizo, air-dried ham and mutton which make the perfect ingredients for a picnic.

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Date Added: 19/06/2014

Charcuterie recipes for the kids

Children can be fussy eaters at the best of times, try getting them to eat something healthy this summer and you’ll have a bit of a battle on your hands.

Still, that shouldn’t deter you … read more

Date Added: 29/07/2014

Barbecue safety

Barbecues bring out the best of our burgers and bangers at Peelham, as the temperature starts to sizzle it’s a good time to drizzle those salads and toss a chunk of meat onto your gas or charcoal-fired grill.

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Date Added: 29/07/2014

Why grass-fed meat is best

Still shopping at a supermarket for your weekly cuts of meat? That’s a shame when you have the delights of organic, grass-fed meat at your fingertips.

Peelham Farm Organic s … read more

Date Added: 29/07/2014

Make more of mutton!

If you’ve never cooked with, or eaten, mutton then you’re really missing out! This wholly underrated meat has a much stronger flavour than lamb and provides an ideal base for all kinds of meals. Here at Peelha … read more

Date Added: 23/10/2014

Culinary benefits of bone broth

The basis for all good soups, stews, and casseroles is a good broth or stock. With our busy lives it’s all too easy to turn to a store-bought stock cube which dissolves in hot water within minutes. However, if you can find the time to make your own broth your meals will be enhanced and you’ll … read more

Date Added: 23/10/2014

What is the Paleo diet?

The media have brainwashed us into thinking that slim is the only acceptable body shape, so it’s no wonder that the diet industry is worth millions. Fad diets are popping up all the time, claiming amazing weight loss results with little effort. The Cambridge diet, the Cabbage Soup diet, the Atk … read more

Date Added: 23/10/2014

Have a merry gluten-free Xmas

In the last decade or so it seems that more and more people are reporting intolerances to gluten contained in wheat and barley , and the demand for gluten-free foods has increased exponentially. Is it simply that people are no longer happy to put up with the bloating and cramping that gluten has … read more

Date Added: 17/12/2014

Organic conscience-free Xmas

Organic produce has been in our supermarkets for a number of years now, but how much do we really understand about organic food? Has the term just become a buzzword used to encourage consumers to part with their money, or is organic food really far superior to non-organic food? In order to unders … read more

Date Added: 17/12/2014

Burn's Night

Burn's Night - 25th January 2015

Don't forget to order your haggis in time for Burn's night this year. We have three available - 400g, 400g gluten free and a huge chieftain at 1.5kg!



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Date Added: 14/01/2015

Clarissa Dickson-Wright Award !

Team Peelham are chuffed-to-bits and so very proud to have been selected for the Clarissa Dickson Wright Award 2014 for service to food, farming and education. The award is part of the Countryside Alliance awards and the event was held at Westminster.  Read about the event and the full … read more

Date Added: 05/02/2015

Cumin & Paprika Contaminants

You may have read in the press recently, issues regarding the contamination of cumin and paprika with nut allergins. We have been assured by our supplier Essential Trading that all their products are safe and have not been affected by this issue.

P … read more

Date Added: 19/02/2015

Carlo Petrini

Founder & Head of Slow Food International has described our salami with Red Wine as "Fantastico!" during lunch @CafeStHonore @SlowFood Edinburgh. We are absolutely thrilled with the verdict of such an important figure in world food and the defence of biodiversity!Peelham Salami with … <a href=read more

Date Added: 25/02/2015

Denise with Carlo Petrini

Denise, with Mike Small of the Fife Diet was invited to set-the-scene for the public lecture delivered by Carlo Petrini Founder of Slow Food International, 'Thought for Food: Carlo Petrini on Cultivating a Positive Food Culture in Scotland' read more

Date Added: 26/02/2015

The Slow Food Movement

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organisation that was founded in Italy in the late 1980s by Carlo Petrini and a group of activists. Their aim was to defend regional traditions, gastronomic pleasure, good food, and a slow pace of life. Several decades later and the Slow Food Movement has evolved … read more

Date Added: 07/04/2015

Forget about Supplements

Protein is the body’s building block, making up a large portion of your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood, as well as playing a crucial role in almost all biological processes. Your hair and nails are made mostly from protein, and your body uses it to build and repair tissue, and produ … read more

Date Added: 07/04/2015

Food Excellence Finalists

Easter Monday brought the good news to Peelham that they had been shortlisted as finalists for the prestigious Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards as part of an elite group of Scottish food businessesread more

Date Added: 15/04/2015

Winners of Scottish Food 'Oscar'

Peelham  has won a prestigious Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award for its organic salamis, seeing off another 21 contenders in the red meat sector of these sought-after awards which are dubbed the Scottish food and drink ‘Oscars’.

Having been shortlisted in April with an … read more

Date Added: 08/06/2015

Challenging Farmers Markets

Did you see yesterdays article in The Scotsman about Farmers Markets ?

See it here with Denise's response which is also copied below and the challenge to the journalist Ashley Davies to spend time at a market and better still a few days with a producer before a market !  To be fair … read more

Date Added: 17/07/2015

Food transparency

How important is food traceability to you ?  Should we have a transparent food chain particularly when it comes to GMO foods ?  Here at Peelham we think food integrity and traceability are as crucial to customers as nutrition and taste.  Denise argues this case in … read more

Date Added: 28/08/2015

Organic meat is more nutritious

Ground-breaking new study reveals that organic meat and dairy are more nutritious than non-organic

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Date Added: 16/02/2016


See us, our farm and our organic lamb on Channel 4s 'The Food Chain' 8.30pm Monday 18th April

AND .... treat yourself to our grass-reared and fatt … read more

Date Added: 15/04/2016

Helen Helps Launch Connect Local

Peelham with other selected local producers, recently helped launch Connect Local, Scotland's local food and drink marketing advisory service at Contini's Cannoball Restaurant on Edinburgh's Royal Mile (a terrific venue with the best view of Edinburgh Castle).  Our Helen (Peelham's … read more

Date Added: 07/12/2016

Cooking Gammons

Cooking your Peelham Organic Dry cured Gammon For Christmas

First of all if you havent already buy your Gammon !!! (HERE).  Gammon can be SLOWLY simmered or SLOWLY roast … read more

Date Added: 14/12/2016

Top Food Award for Peelham

“Its Organic Air-dried Smoked Juniper Mutton has won Peelham the top Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award for Meat. Its Organic Beef Bresaola was a finalist. Judges, including the Michelin Star Chef Geoff Smeddle described the Juniper Mutton as clean and balanced with a smooth butt … read more

Date Added: 16/06/2017

The Scottish Breed

Denise is on the Slow Food Edinburgh panel at their food and film event at the showing of Zev Robinson's documentary 'The Scottish Breed' to discuss ethical beef production, quality beef and the food chain.  Its not too late to book here  read more

Date Added: 19/07/2019