Challenging Farmers Markets

Did you see yesterdays article in The Scotsman about Farmers Markets ?

See it here with Denise’s response which is also copied below and the challenge to the journalist Ashley Davies to spend time at a market and better still a few days with a producer before a market !  To be fair, Ashley also makes valid points about the impact of supermarkets !

Perhaps Ashley didnt spend long enough at Leith Market to hear the Leith accents or the many local residents who were genuinely delighted to be able to buy fresh produce almost impossible to get in the locality – let alone from the actual producers, farmers, fruit growers and fishermen.  She paints a picture of ‘smug middle-classness’ which is completely false and belies the true value of these markets which provide an authentic, unique and much needed public good.  Having stood behind market stalls several times each month for the last 15 years I can personally attest to the shift in demographics to a customer base now which is exciting in its diversity, driven by ethics, morals and poignantly health to purchase trusted and ‘clean’ products from producers.  I can attest to the doggedness and in all weathers  with which stall holders arrive early on market days from their farms, gardens, kitchens, quaysides to bring their products to growing numbers of followers regularly seeking true sustenance; all of which makes me slightly insulted that we are described as providing ‘treats’ and ‘pitching smug rural dreams to middle-class folk’.  Come on Ashley spend a day with one of us from start to finish and than you really will learn that this is no ‘romantic notion’ and really is an important part of life !