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Organic Haggis Gluten free

Organic Haggis Gluten free
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Our gluten free haggis offers those who either cant or who would prefer not to have any gluten in their diet, a chance to savour the haggis experience ! We make our organic gluten free haggis using the traditional recipe of lambs offal with some beef offal (heart, liver, kidneys), mutton flank and Scottish certified gluten-free organic oatmeal.   

The cost of this haggis reflects the cost of gluten-fee oatmeal (double the cost of standard oatmeal)

COOKING YOUR HAGGIS: Wrap in silver foil, bring to the boil and simmer gently for 45 minutes.  Set your haggis 'free' by opening the casing down the middle and spooning onto plates served with mashed potatoes and neeps (swede or turnip) and with a whiskey butter sauce.  Gently melt your butter and add whiskey to taste !

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